Koshiki no Kata Draft edit by Frances Glaze rev/29/ 1 of Koshiki no Kata by Noboru Saito. The techniques in this kata were designed for armor-clad. Koshiki no kata | JudoScotland – Scotlands Governing body for Judo. Koshiki no kata Tatsuya MATSUMOTO Kodokan 6th Dan Member of Japan Budo Academy About koshiki no kata Koshiki no Kata This Kata is originated from.

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The second kata Kano Shihan with Oda Katsutaro did start in a low motion and gradually gained in speed with Uchikomi, Yokouchi and Keage.

He had relations with Yagyu Munekane on early time.

The portion on “why” is not koshii. Kano Shihan wore a Montsuki and Hakama The kimono with the full dress and performed Tori while his disciple wore Judogi. At the time of Fujimicho 40 tatami Meiji 22 In Koshiki no kata, just after the salutation ReiTori moves one step forward and takes Shizenhontai.

I remember that he did magnify the Koshiki no kata with his high level of dignity. He studied Kitouryu School from Takenaka Tetsunosuke since his young age.

Koshiki no kata | JudoScotland – Scotlands Governing body for Judo

Then, I worked as a research assistant at the Kodokan in Show 23 Kano Shihan said that when an amateur looked at this demonstration of Kitouryu no kata, probably he would not understand katw it was. At the time of Kmi Nibancho 20 Tatami Meiji 19 He developed a style inspired from the ancient warrior style when he was Ikubo Sensei was Kitouryu Nagewaza specialist.


Sections of this page. Jigoro Kano revised the techniques and incorporated them into a kata in order to preserve the historical source of judo.

Each Jujutsu school did establish its own characteristics of content and technique style. The set of forms is antique and were intended for “Kumiuchi”, the grappling of armored warriors in the feudal ages.

Therefore you keep the body right and you keep your heart right aside from selfishness. Kuzure-kesa-gatame Kata-gatame Kami-shiho-gatame Kuzure-kami-shiho-gatame Yoko-shiho-gatame Tate-shiho-gatame Kesa-gatame. Let’s put up other examples. Then, Kano Jigoro reported this research result to Iikubo Sensei.

At that time I was missing a lot of skills and I was only able to understand the form of Koshiki no kata, not the meaning. I sincerely regret it.

Koshiki-no-kata – Wikipedia

It is called Hontai the main body or Shizen Hontai. See more of Heiwa Educational project on Facebook. All movements made a deep impression within the audience. If the description of the kata in that film is correct, it would be the only judo kata that involves attacking the cervical spine.

Koshiki no kata

It became obvious for me to match his level of experience. Retrieved November 6, Kano Shihan got a splendid strong expression, with wonderful force mastery and calm manners inside the Dai Dojo of Tatami.

Human beings always stand on their two legs. For other Jujutsu schools, this kata specifically represents the mindset and the theoretical principles of the Kodokan Judo. This kosjiki did see a lot of personalities, Katsu Kaishu and Kano family. Finally the opponent is not able to throw me away. At the time of Hongo Masagocho 70 Tatami Meiji 26 As such, the kata is to be performed with both partners imagining that kkoshiki are clad in armor.


It was also organized as a Kata according to a teaching mode. Associazione Il Cerchio asd – judo Interest. Views Read Edit View history. Consequently it seems reasonable to assume that Ibaragi Toshinobu is the founder of the Kitouryu School.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It has several similarities with the Kime no kata. Nagaoka Sensei said that this step does not use only legs; this step must use the main body with Ki power.

Kano Jigoro tried Kuzushi at first and then he kaga Waza techniques.

Now, I understand the depth and the difficulty of learning Kata. This scroll of Hontai was delivered to the students of Kitouryu School at first. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? But strangely he could not to throw Kano Jigoro by Nagewaza.

Retrieved from ” https: If you follow the right philosophy koshkii principles, the correct shape of body Katachi moves in silence Sei. Eishouji Temple only 12 Tatami Meiji 16 Minami Jinboucho Koubunkan 10 tatami Meiji 17 This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat