Hindu Names Collection | Sahasranamavali of Gods and Goddesses. Home» Sahasranamavali of Hindu Deities Lakshmi Sahasranamavali. Author: A Compilation Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math Chennai Pages: 62 Binding: Paperback. This Lakshmi Sahasranama stotram is widely prevalent among devotees. This part is found in Skanda Purana, during the samvatham (discussions) between.

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She who is the wife of Lord Shiva. I always meditate that Goddess who lakshki the form of pleasure and salvation, Who takes that form which is dear to the God, Who is the form of divine joy, Who knows everything, who is the mother of all, Who lives on the sahaxranamavali of Lord Vishnu and who is very merciful. She who was responsible for making Ganesa.

Purana nyaya memasaa dharma Sathra agama sruthaa. Jyeshtaa Jyeshtaischa ni srekai samsara swa parayanai, Vishnu pathni dadhou theshaam darasanam drushti darpanam.

For the great chant of one thousand names of Mahalakshmi the sages are AnandaKardhama, sons of Chikleendra, the meter is Anushtup, The power behind is Vishnu Maya the goddess addreesed is the divine Mahalakshmi and this is being chanted to get the grace of Mahalakshmi for fulfillment of wishes and getting g of all wealth. Is it necessary for me tell that in case of those, Who read this with devotion and having surrendered to me, I as a mother with pity on them, I would look after them day and night.

Edit Email Id Contact Us. The Sixty Four Peethas include the popular Devis viz. Oh great one, you have well asked for the benefit of all the world, I feel that such a thought will occur only to great ones and not to others.

You assume various complexions of blood-red, black, white, yellow and so on; you are Nireeshwari or the Goddess beyond bounds; Kaalika; Chakrika or the Bhagavati residing in Shri Chakra; Satyaa or of the Emblem of Truth; Vatuka or Brahmacharini; Taruni or an adolescent girl; Varuni or the Varuna Shakti; Naari or a fulfledged female; Jyeshtha Devi or the Elder Sister of Lakshmi who stands for Poverty and Misery; Sureshwari or the Empress of Devas; Vishwambhara Dhara or the Omni Present and the Clutch of the entire Universe; Kartri or the Emblem of Action; Galaargala vibhanjani or the sifter of poison and a felugu throat in figurative sense, ie.


Indeed such dedicated and most sincere Sahasra Naama would usher on extreme propitiousness and unreserved fulfillment of desires and ambitions.

Submit or click Cancel to register with another email ID. She who is not affected by the five kosas like Annamaya kosa. Even in the clans of those shaasranamavali who sing these. We salute you again and again, And offer pranams touching the floor, Ten thousand times.

Select From Existing Playlist. People should tryto keep this as secret and read it secretly, And if this is read on eighth or fourteenth or ninth crescent of the moon, Or on Friday, new moon day or full moon day or on festival days, Or chant it daily, they would get all their desires fulfilled.

She who lakshki the consort of Lord Shiva. Kali,Tara, Shodashi, Bhuvaneshwari, Chinnamasta, Bhairavi, Dhumavati,Bala, Matanga and Kamala and Bagala; Bagala is stated to possess the powers of subduing enemies like sthambhana, jrumbhana, mohana, achalata, aakarshana and so on].

Sri Lakshmi Sahasranama Stotram (Sanskrit)

Sri Lakshmi Sahasranamavali Songs. No Yes I want to unsubscribe. Page load depends on your network speed. Saraswati; Brahmachaarini or the Practitioner of high Celibacy. I meditate on the sister of the laakshmi, who has a face like a full moon, Who wears divine gem studded ornaments and who shows, Blessing and protection by her two hands.


You are the beloved of Padmanabha or teljgu Lotus- Stalked Vishnu. One thousand thirty three names are mentioned in the source of this translation, though in the text of the sahasra nama it is mentioned that the names are 1, names. This Email ID is already registered. Accumulated coins can be redeemed to, Hungama subscriptions.

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You are the Bindunaada kalaatmika or very much situated in the Bindu as well as the minute sound! Devi Kalika assuming Dark Complexion! Those who take my teligu with sincerity have nothing to fear and my grace shall always fulfill every wish of theirs.

The Lakshmi Sahasra Naama was earlier commended by Brahma, Vishnu, Maha Deva and Mahendra as its mere recitation would destroy poverty and fulfill all kinds of human objectives. I am telling you the thousand names of Goddess Lakshmi, Which has been praised by Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and alo Indra, Yathyocharana mathrena daridryoth muchyathe nara.

Oh treasure of mercy tell those names that lead enjoyment and salvation, Which lakshhmi lead to the sahasranamacali of those who do not do bad deeds, And are not attached to those results of the deeds that they do.

Oh sages I told you just now these one thousand and eight names, Of Lakshmi which has such great properties, Please pakshmi them now itself for getting all that you want. Essence Of Skanda Purana. Log in Request account.