Before You Read. “The Man to Send Rain Clouds” by Leslie Marmon Silko. Born About Silko. “I was fortunate to be reared by my great-grandmother and. Silko, Leslie Marmon. Genre. Short Story. Overview. Published in , “The Man to Send Rain Clouds” depicts the story of an old man who is found dead in a. Leon: Grandson of Teofilo, brother-in-law of Ken, round character; Ken: Grandson of Teofilo, brother-in-law of Leon, flat character; Father Paul.

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When a demand arose later for the revival of the dances, Zuni influences were introduced into Laguna rituals. Modern Language Association http: It was an opening up worldwide. Ken is the brother-in-law of Leon and a minor character in the story.

Silko has said that, for the Indian people, time is round, and not a linear string. Father Paul is a young Catholic priest struggling to lead a parish on an Indian reservation.

That is, man is a minute part of an immense natural cycle, and his death has nothing threatening in it because, after a life which contained both the good and the bad that all Pueblos brought with them from Shibapu, he simply goes back to where maron came from, and in line with the communal thinking, it is hoped that his spirit will help the group he leaves behind by returning with rain clouds.

Also, she is an artist who wants to apply her imagination to the telling of tales, and to her, the essence of this particular siko is the story of this instance of cultural clash with the feelings and ideas involved.

The encounter between the young priest, who is denied the opportunity to perform Catholic rites, and Leon, who insists that such rites are not necessary, is humorous. He has affection and respect for his tye, as seen in his concern for old Teofilo.

Although her part is minor, it rainn her suggestion that triggers the culture clash in the story. This is exemplified in the part of the story in which Father Paul is depicted rian bewildered by the incorporation of Catholic ritual in an Indian ceremony.

On their way home, Leon clohds Ken encounter Father Paul, a young Catholic priest who expresses his sorrow that the old man had died alone. Additional immigration occurred during the s, when the Lagunas were joined by Indians from the Rio Grandeprobably fleeing both drought and the hostility of the Spanish after the Pueblo Rebellion in and the renewed uprising in Irony can be verbal or situational.


Although some remained to join the Laguna tribe, others returned to their own pueblos when conditions improved. In accordance with Keres tradition, Old Teofilo, even in death, is still a valued member of the community, for the people are looking to him to send them big thunderclouds.

In a sense [Leslie Marmon Silko] started to write in the fifth grade: Pradt [or Pratt] and two Marmon brothers Walter and Robert came to the pueblo, married Laguna women, and reared large families. To avoid this unhappy prospect, a prayer feather is attached to the hair of the deceased, and his face is painted so that the he will be recognized in the next world.

Her first story exemplifies this double vision. I could have brought the Last Rites anyway. The stories lived on in her memory, and in later years she drew heavily upon her heritage in her writings.

In an interview she has stated: Father, we just want him to have plenty of water. Silko employs an interesting mixture of narration and dialogue.

Although the pueblo was not subjected to as many attacks from the Spanish as the Rio Grande pueblos, it was forced to surrender in after an attack by the troops of Governor Diego de Vargas. For more than 12, years the Pueblo had lived in the region and traditional religious beliefs permeated every aspect of life.

Silko captures the landscape very effectively in her narrative. Antonio Espejo, who commanded an expedition to New Mexico invisited the area in But then after World War One it changed. Inwhen the Pueblo swore allegiance to the king of Spain, Catholic missionaries arrived to convert Native Americans to Catholicism.

Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. Taylor, looming up behind the graveyard, as a holy shrine and who have decorated most of the walls of the church in which he works cloudx signs of thunder, clouds, and rainbows. Irony is a literary device used to convey meaning to a phrase quite different than—in fact, often.

Last Rites and a Mass, but in the end he reluctantly comes along, and when the besprinkled body is lowered, Leon is happy: Neglect of burial or death ritual can result in xlouds or sickness because the ghost returns Parsons.

You can look at the old stories that were told among the tribal people here in a north country and see that within them is the same kind of valuable lessons about human behavior and that we need them still.

Raised on the Indian reservation in Laguna, New Mexico, she incorporates into her writing the stories, myths, and legends she heard as she grew up. Throughout the story, Silko emphasizes that the strength of Pueblo traditions lies in their ability to incorporate alien elements into their own way of life.


The rituals in the story underscore the Pueblo concept of death. Born in in Albuquerque, New Mexico, she grew up on the nearby Laguna Pueblo Reservation, where she was raised within a family of mixed Indian, Mexican, and white descent. Although Christianity was forced on them, the Indians continued to observe their traditional religious practices.

The Man to Send Rain Clouds

Later at home, the funeral is performed with clanspeople and old men with medicine bags attending. He made new moccasins for the ceremonial dances in the summer and was not keen on going ghe church. Time in its historical dimension is unimportant as it is an endlessly repeating cycle in which man is but a minute part of the cycle. Around andGeorge H. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article.

A Native American living on a reservation in New Mexico, he was fiercely independent. After founding Old Laguna Kawaik aroundthey issued invitations to other pueblos to join them.

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The Man to Send Rain Clouds |

In her depiction of the Pueblos she makes us feel what David B. But there he was, facing into a cold dry wind and squinting at the last sunlight, ready to bury a red wool blanket while the faces of his parishioners were in shadow with the last warmth of the sun on their backs. Realizing that he has been tricked into participating in their pagan rites and half suspecting that the whole thing may be just a spring fertility ceremony rather than a real funeral, he nevertheless sprinkles the grave with a whole jar of holy water.

The importance of ritual in Pueblo Indian life is emphasized at the beginning of the story when Leon and Ken, after finding old Teofilo dead, immediately observe the first stages of the funeral rites.

He is a man of few words and has a calm, strong sense of dignity. There is seriousness and ceremony, but no sorrow at his death.