A source of Loop info on the Lexicon JamMan. JamMan Diagnostics – from the JamMan Service Manual. JamMan Memory – A collection of posts from the. I’m a guitarist, and I use a Lexicon JamMan for looping, as well as a Lexicon . to put my Vortex into the feedback loop of the JamMan manually, using a mixer. More info on the Digitech JamMan than anyone could ever want, and more is on its way! You may also be interested in the Looper’s Delight pages for the legendary Lexicon JamMan. Since there is some Digitech JamMan manual ( pdf).

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This is probably not quite what you’re looking for, but I’ve been using a double sustain pedal setup that came with one of my keyboards to control the J-Man, 2 piano-style pedals with a stereo cord. I’m a guitarist, and I use a Lexicon JamMan for looping, as well as a Lexicon Vortex for lots of interesting loop-like work It’s cool and a little exciting, especially when it works; which it can be made to do with practice Echo,Sample,Loop 2 types Punch in and Phrased Loops you can only access each Mode by reaching up and turning a knob not by Midi on the front, and you can not switch between these modes on fly without losing what’s in your loop or sample or echo.

Do not rock the ICs to loosen them. But it was designed to be intuitive and usable in live performance situations. Let’s say you’ve recorded 4 loops in the Jam Man and are playing them back for soloing over them or to use as different sections of a pieceif you wanted to jump from loop 1 straight to jaamman 4you can just send the proper MIDI program change number and it will happen, whereas if you were using the footswitches, you would have to tap and scroll in order from loop 1 thru loops 2 lexcion 3 to get to loop 4.


I have spent 9 years in a band with two jzmman looping with delays and two other people looping with samplers If you stop a fade and resume recording the faded loop will cease to fade and continue to play at the volume it had faded to before you stopped the fade.

Digitech JamMan

Or reverse, BeatSync can also be configured to put out a trigger once a loop. What you see in the Echoplex is the result of years of development by people who spenta lot of time trying out all the ideas in real situations and making it as musically useful as possible. I would like to fade loops, but do not have midi controller. As for chaos; what’s wrong with chaos now an agin? It helps immensely if you have the ability to record long loops I have 32 second expansion.

This allow for up to 12 separate outputs six each. It was well demonstrated at the music fairs, but apparently did not reach Lexicons sales limits and was soon discontinued.

Lexicon’s JamMan memory upgrade knowledge base page. Mon, 4 Nov andre wrote: With MIDI you can also access some nifty loop fading functions not available from the frontpanel and cueing up multiple loops on the fly is effortless as well.

I swished it around in my bathroom, picked it up with a stereo mic that was feeding a Jam Man.

Just thought that I would share something that I have found to be interesting and fun. Lexicon’s JamMan Knowledge Base page. If it only accepts footpedals eg the supplied Jamman set then it doesn’t work well with the Jamman which needs midi for the fade section. Page 3 User Guide User Guide How well do they work together? Not too bad, though. The guitars are played through small, high quality guitar combos and feed a line out into the main mixer inputs.

I would just get a general idea as to where to be lenght-wise for each selection. Lots of fun, and makes for some really thick, beautiful extra-planetary stuff.


Lexicon JamMan Manual

I used to call them every couple of months to see if anything was up but nothing has come of it and according to John Durant’s post a while back they aren’t planning on doing any upgrades. We were and continue to be I think one of the very few song-oriented bands to be using techniques like these. Looper Pro ia very advanced software upgrade that Bob created independent of Lexicon. I’m a big fan of creating loops, especially ambient ones and sampling them for later tomfoolery, so alot of the composition was based around samples of rythmic loops with ambi-washes and further rythmic textures created spontaneously.

JamMan Applications and Limitations – Find out what the JamMan can and can’t do in these posts taken from the mailing list. A substitute for feedback control while in loop mode.

You can hate midi all you like and still use an Echoplex, since you don’t need midi to use it! You can’t play loops backwards, you can only play backwards in the sample mode one mankal sample which means no layering, etc.


This is original echo rate change to eighth-note TAP twice. If you are interested, want to provide a review, user tips, or have any information on using the JamMan for looping, please contact us. Lexicon’s JamMan Download page – manuals and application notes.

I only know this from an incredible drummer friend of mine who programs polyrhythms and tuplets etc. Anybody aware of a simple, pedal or kit for sending a single program change message? The loop is mono, but usefully the dry signal is stereo.