Cumplir y respetar las leyes, al igual que cualquier otro deber establecido .. se amparan en las disposiciones del Código de Trabajo de la República Dominicana, el .. Por la comisión de las infracciones contenidas en la ley , sobre. Get this from a library! Código penal de la República Dominicana: incluye las modificaciones de la Ley no. del 28 de enero de G.O. La Ley del 27 de enero de contra la Violencia Intrafamiliar. Para los fines de la presente ley se consideran como jóvenes los dominicanos y.

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The Court of Appeals functions primarily as an appellate body and it hears appeals from decisions issued by Courts of First Instance.

:: Derecho de Familia y Niñez > Departamento de Derecho Internacional > OEA ::

The Gaceta Oficial [20] is the official source of law-reporting, and reports all statutes and laws passed by Congress, as well as decrees and regulations enacted by the Executive Branch. Trial Judges Jueces de Instruction are competent to resolve all issues which arise during a preparatory proceeding, to conduct the preliminary proceedings, and to dictate relevant resolutions and sentences in accordance leu abbreviated rules of procedure.

It also hears ordinary appeals from matters arising in the Courts republida Appeals, as well as questions on the constitutionality of laws. It also includes, in electronic format, the most important compilations of Agreements and Conventions ratified by the Dominican Republic.

Legal Databases Several efforts have been made by private entities to develop legal information databases in the Dominican Republic. Thereafter the new republic was subjected to a long power struggle between those who wanted to remain independent The Blues and those who supported the annexation tepublica the country to France, Spain or the United States The Reds [5].


The fundamental reforms of the Criminal Code authorized by Decrees No.

Global Database on Violence against Women

Public access to the library catalogs is available online. Dominifana of the Government. Once a bill is approved, it is sent to the President of the Republic for promulgation and subsequent publication in the Gaceta Oficial Official Gazette.

The fundamental reforms of the Civil Code were authorized by Decrees No.

Guide to Legal Research in the Dominican Republic – GlobaLex

Legal Reforms Since the Dominican Republic has undergone major comprehensive judicial reforms. The Chamber of Deputies is composed of members elected for each province, one for every 50, inhabitants or fraction thereof rwpublica than 25, but in no case shall a province have less than two Deputies.

See also Wenceslao Vega B. Tel and —Fax — The fundamental reforms of the Commercial Code were authorized by Decree No.

Consulta Legal

En lwy y para ciertas gestiones de documentos necesitamos saber lo que cuesta el procedimiento que haremos y de esa manera prepararnos los bolsillos acorde con lo que se necesita. Once elected Congressional Members serve for a four-year period and may be re-elected without time limitations.

Consulta Legal Entradas Atom. It is the most comprehensive electronic database of legal materials in the Dominican Republic. The Official Gazette and the Judicial Bulletin were published without interruption during these years, and for 30 years, the basic laws underwent only minor modifications, despite the fact that the Dominican Republic was growing threefold in size.


This has meant a profound transformation of the criminal justice system. The Code covers matters regarding income tax, tax on the transfer of industrialized goods and services ITBISand selective consumption tax. It contains an extensive bibliography and references to key documents for the history of Dominican law and legal institutions. Code of Civil Procedure. In August 14,the Constitution of the Dominican Republic was modified. Justices of the Peace. Imprenta Dominicana, 2 v.

Code of the Minor. Delgado, The Legal System supra note 3, at Depending on the size of the District, these courts may be subdivided into Salas Halls. ADR mechanisms to solve family problems were introduced as an alternative method of settling disputes. For each a sole judge decides all matters relating to real property. The following is a list of government offices providing access to primary legal sources: Special Courts Court of Minors The Court of Minors addresses both civil and criminal matters, particularly issues pertaining to lry, guardianship, visitation rights, alimony and adoption.

It adopts an accusatory model, based on oral, public and contradictory proceedings and grants Public Prosecutors with the appropriate means to investigate violations, and the capacity to propose alternative dominicaana for solving criminal proceedings. Code of Criminal Procedure. Most of the government offices responsible for the regulation and supervision of specific social or economic sectors provide access on their homepages to the legal framework of the sector.