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Pueden constituir AFJP, entre otras entidades, los estados provinciales, la Municipalidad de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, las asociaciones profesionales de trabajadores o empleadores. Additional provisions for superannuation Act binds the Crown 4.

Amends the Parliamentary Superannuation Actthe Police Superannuation Actthe Southern State Superannuation Act and the Superannuation Act to ensure that same sex couples have equal entitlements to superannuation benefits. Fiduciary duty of pension fund manager, custodian, account operator, conductor of the registry of participants Article X: Superannuation Safety Amendment Act No.

Makes miscellaneous amendments to Superannuation Industry Supervision Regulations Rules in respect of prohibition of intentional acquisition by superannuation funds of assets in specified circumstances, and exceptions to these rules; acquisition of business real property and listed security.

Amends a number of superannuation acts in relation to family law provisions. Made under Retirement Savings Accounts Act Made under the Superannuation Act Australia – Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance.

Decreto sobre pensiones de vejez y de invalidez. ComSuper Act Act No.

Defines persons to whom Section 6 of the Superannuation Act does not apply. Law on State Benefits Text No. Government Superannuation Act No. Amendments in respect of, inter alia, application of the Superannuation Act to eligible employees affected by transfer of certain Commonwealth facilities.


Immunity of cumulative contributions Article II: Amends regulation 3B relating to repatriation institutions staff to whom section 14A of the Superannuation Act applies. Amendments relating to, inter alia, the rules of approved deposit funds, non-bank financial institutions, the representation of employers and members in relation to 21565 management and control of standard employer-sponsored funds and the transition to the superannuation industry supervision scheme.

Specifies certain requirements and conditions for the operation of the Transport Superannuation Act Establishes a list of relevant diseases on the basis of which the decision on granting assistance can be taken.

Amends provisions of the Superannuation Industry Supervision Regulations concerning life expectancy and annuity. Amends Superannuation Industry Supervision Regulations with regard to member representation for certain regulated superannuation funds where a declaration under subsection 18 7 of the Superannuation Industry 2165 Act applies.

Amends sections 5 definitions7 amount of levy and 8 calculation of lry factor of the principal Act. Retirement Savings Accounts Regulations S.

Transport Superannuation Regulations S. Made under the Superannuation Administration Act Comprehensive regulations governing Retirement Savings Accounts.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

Amends Superannuation Guarantee Administration Regulations, with respect to definition of “relevant fund”, “responsible officer” and “shortfall component”. Inter alia provides for meaning of “protected member”, rules for rollover 2565 transfer of benefits in regulated superannuation funds and approved deposit funds, and for some related matters.

Name of Act 3. Inter alia makes provision for size of defined benefits funds.

Part V regulates determination of value of certain superannuation interests; Part VI entitlement of non-member spouse in respect of certain superannuation interests.

  EV RE320 PDF

Retirement Savings Accounts Act No. Lye Superannuation Salary Regulations S. Amends leg of the Superannuation Industry Supervision Regulations relating to, inter alia, member protection standards and specific funds to which they do not apply. Amends Superannuation Industry Supervision Regulations with regard to the rights and duties of trustees. Also makes provision for obligation to notify employees of certain shortfall components, responses to notice of a shortfall component, and obligation of responsible officers who receive requests from employees.

Modifies the Superannuation Act in its application to certain persons referred to in section of the Act.


Provides for a contributory superannuation scheme for persons employed in the public sector. A partir del 1. Extensive amendments concerning mobility allowance, penalty interest charges, confidentiality, mature age allowances and related matters. Superannuation Consequential Amendments Act No.

Superannuation Act No. Inter alia provides for accrued benefit multiple under these acts. Australia – Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit – Law, Act.

Amends certain definitions and replaces regulation 4 subparagraph 4 a ii relating 251655 persons not included in the definition of “eligible employee”.

Substituye los incisos a y d del punto 2. Provides for contributions to be made towards superannuation of low income earners. Selection of Compulsory Pension Fund Chapter 8: Amendments relating to the definition of a “superannuation scheme” and “eligible employee.