Lord of Scoundrels is a Regency romance novel by American author Loretta Chase. Published in by Avon Books, it is the third installment of her. Lord of Scoundrels. Loretta Chase. Buy This Book. An AAR Top Romance. review originally published on May 15, Lord of Scoundrels held the #1 spot . BOOK REVIEW: Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase Lord Dain can’t wait to put the infuriating bluestocking in her place—and in some.

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I should not have put the modiste to so much trouble about the negligee.

His heart was only buried beneath trauma, buried beneath a desire to protect oneself. For more details, see below. PatW April 9, at 8: The New York Times. No lost letters, no contrived misunderstandings, no unattractive fits of pique. While this book was hcase from being perfect, Scoundrsls enjoyed it immensely. As one other reviewer wrote, there was just something missing It was 7 in our first poll, in But kids are ultimately just dna splatters.

Her grandmother is a famous ‘femme fatale’ whom even now is still getting marriage offers. They eventually do, and Dain apologizes for what he realizes has been his difficult behavior.

Chase has taken a conventional plot and given it new depth and breadth. After all, her last book, Lady of Quality, was published in Contemporary Authors, New Revision Series. So if you are having a bath ,or out of time to visit your grandmother the man can have sex with other women because he has urges.


And while she was a virgin, she didn’t act like a nitwit when it loretts to getting physically intimate with her brute of a husband. Dain is outraged that the impudent Miss Trent has possession of something he covets, so he sets out of buy it from her. The trouble is, the devil in question is so shockingly irresistible, and the person who needs the most saving is-herself!

View all 43 comments. In the eyes of society, Jessica is ruined.

Kate’s Blog

She attended New England public schools, lod she went off to college and earned an English degree from Clark University. It also puts the burden on characterization to move the story forward. Sebastian, Marquess of Dain, is a half-Italian man of unconventional appearance who has been shamed since childhood on account of his large nose and flighty mother who ditched him as a young boy to go live with another man.

Dain had such a low opinion of himself both physically and morallywomen, children, and life in general that I didn’t think he could be saved. Pfffffffff me tuvo derretida desde el inicio del libro hasta el final.

Those sexy Italian husky whispered words and love statements? Blackjack April 11, at 4: I loved him through and through and felt he deserved his HEA more than the average guy. He learns how to make money very well and spends his time drinking, gambling and hiring prostitutes because he doesn’t think a normal woman would be with him for anything other than his money and title.

A coldly resolute Jessica decides to have her revenge and does what any self-respecting woman would do; she hires a lawyer to obtain a financial settlement! We don’t need their backstory, and she doesn’t dump one on us! Though somewhat humorous, the depiction of him as a thoughtless idiot passes into annoying exaggeration.


Lord of Scoundrels — All About Romance

They get caught in a compromising position at a ball but instead of protecting her honor, Dain just walks away because he thinks she is trying to trap him into marriage just like the other girl. During a recent reread, I found that Dain is surprisingly more sympathetic than I expected. If they took him in the should have semi-killed him first. Siempre digo que me encantan este tipo de protagonistas femeninas y, al mismo tiempo que me encantan los hombres de la Kleypas, siempre me han encantado las mujeres de Chase.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. En route to his estate in Devon, Dain assumes she is repulsed by his “gross blackamoor’s body”, [4] when the opposite is true. Based on placement of titles in various lists, it could be argued that readers like Chase more than Heyer but if we had to rank order authors would Heyer be so far down the Top list?

He talks to his son man to man. Jessica Trent and her grandmother travel to Paris to rescue her not-so-bright younger brother Bertie from the bad influence of Dain.