lucid living a book you can read in an hour that will turn your world inside out by timothy freke ***** Imagine for a moment you are dreaming. Buy Lucid Living: Waking Up to Life by Timothy Freke now! Imagine for a moment that you’re dreaming. Read story Lucid Living – Timothy Freke by dalesrob with reads. gnosticism, zen, philosophy. lucid living a book you can read.

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But in your own experience you are awareness within which the body comes and goes! As awareness you are not in space or time. Another gift from my Christmas list Awareness is outside of time.

But I can take you on a blind date with some extremely bold and beautiful ideas.

And I find my selfish preoccupations are replaced by a longing for everyone to love living. You are commenting using your WordPress. Feb 15, Adam Dillon rated it really liked it. Now imagine how easily we could utterly transform our collective experience of life if we simply lived lucidly in love with all. Because I am the stranger and I want to make an extraordinary suggestion… Life is not what it seems. Are you enjoying the ride? The universe is too immense to imagine and infinitely mysterious.

As awareness we are all one. Awareness is the unchanging witness of all that changes. At first it sounds ludicrous, but keep looking and eventually you will get it. Timothy Freke claims this book will turn your world inside out within an hour. Actually you are awareness which is dreaming the dream. You are different from me and yet we are one. And, just as suddenly, they were gone again.


Lucid Living: A Book You Can Read in an Hour That Will Turn Your World Inside Out

Open Preview See a Luccid Most of us are so completely certain of our everyday understanding of life that this seems ridiculous. Tell that to all those people who are suffering!

Give it a go… You appear to be a body in the world. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Small details, I know, which is why I have given this book three stars.

Lucid Living by Timothy Freke

But becoming conscious of the reality of oneness leads to the selfless desire to end all suffering and create universal wellbeing. Make sure you actually do this. I am conscious of you reading. This book provoked me to think, but did not deliver on the promise to change me forever. Because I am the stranger licing I want to make an extraordinary suggestion…. Its impersonal precision and intimate intensity.

Give it up folks, there is nothing to “get” from this steaming pile of crap. vreke

If I could give this book zero stars I would. I love thinking outside the box and this is definitely outside the box! Jun 17, Con Robinson rated it it was amazing.

Lucid Living by Timothy Freke on Audio Download

Can you be certain of the common sense understanding of reality taken for granted by most people in our culture? And that feels good. How do I wake up?


Your essential identity is much less concrete and much more mysterious. I share in our collective joy and suffering. But tmiothy makes for rich reading, which means this book needs to be savoured not gulped.

Trivia About Lucid Living: Jan 12, Susan Janke rated it liked it. This concise book is filled with wisdom. You are no longer frightened of all the terrors that may afflict you in the libing, because you know that the real you is safe. Jul 11, Anne Glania rated it liked it.

Be awareness witnessing all that is happening right now. This site uses cookies. Our loving stops where our sense of luckd ceases.

But the stranger is persistent. But actually everyone and everything is being imagined by one dreaming awareness. I enjoyed the ideas in it but I don’t think that timoyhy lived up to its promise of ‘turning my world inside out’. Or a simple shaft of sunlight through a window. And as awareness neither am I. Time exists within awareness.