Lundell generator (alternator). Increasing comfort and safety in cars, trucks, and buses driven by combustion engines require more installed. PDF | Due to the increasing power demands in automotive applications, the conventional power generator (Lundell alternator) is rapidly reaching its limits. Abstract—Thermal analysis of Lundell alternators used in automobiles is presented. An analytical thermal model for Lun- dell alternators is proposed, and .

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Every car has it – The Lundell generator with claw-pole rotor

I was looking for the description of the rotor and here I found exactly what I need. The back-electromotive force EMF voltage is proportional to the input velocity and field current.

In fact, in all topologies, each switch has to withstand the same reverse voltage which corresponds to V OUT voltage transients neglected. Conclusion The low efficiency and the limitation of the output power are major drawbacks of the Lundell alternator.

The regulator bandwidth, in Hz. The right characteristic is between the two curves Henneron et al. The number of rotor poles for passenger vehicles is generally fixed at 12 poles. Field voltage min, Vfmin — Minimum field voltage scalar. The metal casing of the first set is typically pressed into a heat sink or welded to the heat sink for better thermal dissipation.

Alternator (automotive)

Idle power, average output power and efficiency over the same driving cycle for each topology. The excitation coil is supplied from the generator terminals through a half-bridge diode rectifier of low current level in the 5 to 20 A interval and a DC—DC static power converter. Modern vehicles now use the compact alternator layout. Experimental current waveforms are shown in fig.


The generator should provide the same current for the load or for the battery charge from the ICE idle speed to rpm, in general onward. Automobile emissions control Catalytic converter Diesel particulate filter Exhaust manifold Glasspack Muffler. Delta-wye and the series-parallel reconfiguration One solution is to divide each phase winding in several coil groups and to modify the winding configuration by using several switches.

Power Electronic Solutions to Improve the Performance of Lundell Automotive Alternators

At nominal excitation current and at lower speeds, the output current is low and the stator is fully saturated due to the weak magnetic reaction. Select a Web Site Choose a alternatoe site to get translated content where available and see local events and alterjator.

The alternator parameters are given in Table 2. Login to your personal dashboard for more detailed statistics on your publications.

The approximate cost estimation for each solution can be derived from the number and ratings of the semiconductors and from the output filter size. The owner would have to install the battery himself and charge it externally. Topology Pidle P avg. Cooling of the alternator An efficient cooling method is necessary to limit the temperature in the motor beyond the permissible limits a junction temperature of C for the diodes and the stator winding.

Mechanical losses Mechanical losses are generated aletrnator brush and bearing friction and losses created by the claw pole rotor and fan windage alternstor. Starting in the model year, Ford upgraded the Model T to include an electric starter, which was standard for some models and optional for others. As shown in Table 1the main losses in the alternator are the stator copper losses.

Alternators were first introduced as standard equipment on a production car by the Chrysler Corporation on the Valiant inseveral years ahead of Ford and General Motors. Note that idle power requirement is not satisfied with the PFBR. AltSpd — Angular speed scalar. Introduction Until in the early s, automobiles used a DC generator called dynamo. This is electrically and magnetically similar, but has improved air cooling.


Double-winding alternator with interleaved BSMR. Field winding resistance, Rf — Resistance scalar.

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AltVolt — Alternator output voltage scalar. Facebook Linkedin Google Plus Twitter.

One solution is to divide each phase winding in several coil groups and to modify the winding configuration by using several switches.

The rectifier is divided in two sets of three diodes.

Since such a magneto system only depended on the engine’s motion to generate current, it could even be used when starting a manually cranked engine, provided the crank was pulled sharply, so that lunde,l magneto would produce enough current for the coils to make good sparks. Today, the great majority of electrical generator systems installed on combustion powered vehicles are alternatorr on a three-phase wound-field synchronous machine. Performance curves of lundel, alternator are used to show its performance across the whole speed range.

A first one is based on a magnetic reluctance network that takes into account the machine geometry and the magnetic material B H characteristic Ostovich et al. It has twice less active switches and all of them are referenced to the ground.