All about Macs {short story} by Terry Bisson. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Based on the award winning short story by Terry Bisson. A Variety of people are interviewed regarding a government sponsored cloning programme. Terry Bisson uses the fantastic genres as do Kurt Vonnegut or Harlan Ellison, . When I wrote this review, the posted e-book contained only one story, “macs.

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Stephen rated it it was amazing Jul 09, I’d especially recommend it from someone who likes reading short stories a lot.

Bisson is the author of several novels: As an aside, now that more than twenty years have gone bissn since the incident on which this story is based, would new young readers understand what this is about? Jason Lundberg rated it it was amazing May 18, Alaina Stochaj rated it maacs was amazing Dec 29, He has written two YA novels for Lucasfilm.

I am leaving my review up because I disagree with the librarian’s decision.

In the Upper Room and Other Likely Stories by Terry Bisson

They are sharp, witty, subversive, and stylish. Terry Bisson is an excellent writer and I suspect that his purpose in writing this story was less cynical than my twrry, but nevertheless I can’t like this. Still, worth a look. Kersplebedeb rated it it was ok Feb 11, The second element, in your interpretation which I think is correct is that one of the clones somehow escaped and so did the original; the former manages to track down the latter over the course of the story.

They all seemed the same to me. He published his first novel inand has been a working science fiction macss ever since. Nicki Owston rated it it was ok Feb 15, Try re-reading it with a “the author doesn’t really mmacs this is a good idea” filter on.


macs by Terry Bisson

The two elements of the story are, first, that rather than the state executing a mass murderer, he is cloned and the clones who supposedly inlcude the real McCoy are farmed out among the victims’ families for them to personally execute, a process which brutalises them mcas really providing closure. Sean Peterson rated it really liked it Jan 19, Terry Ballantine Bisson is an American science fiction and fantasy author best known for his short stories, bisso “Bears Discover Fire”which which won both the Hugo and Nebula awards, as well as They’re Made Out of Meatwhich has been adapted for video often.

Steve Fernie rated it really liked it Oct 09, I loved it when I first read it, but the more I have thought about it, the more I have come to dislike it.

If I were related to one of the victims, I think I would be very upset if I chanced to read “macs”. Julie Sandel rated it it was amazing Nov 01, But obviously people disagree, since it has been nominated for various prizes. He worked as an auto mechanic and as a magazine and book editor.

Macs (short story)

To my dismay, “macs” won the Nebula Award. Essaress rated it really liked it Jan 23, Bobbi Khalaf rated it it was amazing Apr 17, Like the way one might read Swift’s ” A Modest Proposal “. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Dale Houstman rated it really liked it Jun 04, Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

It was also nominated for the Hugo award and was on the shortlist for the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award macs is an unusual but deeply contemplative story. After a brief time in Louisville, he moved to NY City, where he lived on and off for some thirty years, with sojourns in bsison hippie communes of the Southwest and South from The short story “Bears Discover Fire” published in Asimov’s swept almost every honor in the SF field inincluding the Asimov’s and Locus readers’ awards, both the Nebula and Hugo awards and the Theodore Sturgeon short fiction award.


McIntyre, Dreamsnake George Mann ed. It is fairly often anthologized. David rated it it was amazing Sep 16, Dec 05, Nicole rated it it was amazing. The bum in the dumpster is Timothy McVeigh, who is a real person.

Before you read it you may want a refresher on the Oklahoma City bombing. Likewise if I had lost a loved one in Srebrenica or Omagh. Usually I like to read and recommend science fiction short stories that have really cool gadgets or ideas, or are just plain fun to read.

Glenn Nevill rated it it was amazing May 27, terfy Crossfire followed soon after. Trivia About In the Upper Room I had a hard time hating mace, in spite of what they done, terty their daddy done, or however you want to put it. The Fight to Survive, was published by Scholastic in April When they missed, man did they miss. Send me an email or fill in this form. Mark rated it really liked it Oct 01,