Tradition Book: Verbena (Mage: The Ascension) [Steve Kenson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. derived from the white wolf book of. Hello. I have only the (revised) core rule book, and here I do not understand the paradigm of Orde of Hermes and Verbena (Despite description. Mages of Verbena are blood-shamans, healers and primordial witches and warlocks. They are masters of the sphere of Life. The Verbenae believe Life is.

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How bout a family of redneck murderers who feed their tree Node with blood of sacrifices? Their responsibility is mostly symbolic, an excuse to recruit the best of the Verbena to teach the Old Ways and learn about the old religions. Last edited by von Lyttenburgh ; The Verbena do what needs vernena be done to set it right. Live simply, so others may simply live.

Unlike the Tribebooks, we head straight to the credits page. Nature is harsh with Willworkers that make Her do things that She does not want to do in part because Her dreams have been corrupted by the Technocracy. It’s one of the major internal conflicts of the Verbena.


Dream – The Cauldron of Ceridwen. So, the names below are not fixed in any way.

The Paradigm – Nature. Verbena ‘Life is all around us, in the water, i n the trees, in the teeming violence of predator and prey, in your blood. You can magge blood-magic Verbena-like Euthanatos, you can have Verbena Shaman, and you can have Dreamspeakers who focus on agriculture, healing, and sacrifice.

Bloody sacrifices and disturbing maage are not for the squeamish, and prospective Verbena must have strong stomachs to fit in with the Tradition. Correspondence – The Path of Hecate.


When Darkness Falls: Mage – Verbena Paradigm

This does not inspire confidence. A Verbena may acquire and use the Etiquette ability, but he must expend two Etiquette traits instead of one to cover for a social gaffe or faux pas.

Paths can often heal as well as harm, just as the Great Goddess is usually thought of as being Maid, Mother, and Crone. Prime – The Path of Gaia. Witchcraft is the work of the Wise. Members of other Traditions consider the Verbena disturbing and bloodthirsty.

This Faction is charged with the protection of Glastonbury Toran important secred site of the Verbena in England. These witches are interested in the bare essentials of both life and magic. The centuries of persecution known as the Burning Times have put quite a chip on many Verbena shoulders as well, which naturally only makes things worse.

Verbena gain one free retest per session on any challenge of Animal Ken, Medicine or Survival. With this change came the witch hunts, and the Verbena found themselves at war with the Church and the governments that supported it for the next thousand years.

Life is pleasure, but also pain. The Wednesday night gaming group…for playing through the weeks of unAwakened mages without powers, which had so much to do with how this book was written.

Blood is the substance that contains the life force of living things. So I’m finally getting into Mage and have taken a liking to the Verbena tradition, only to find that, even though they are supposed to be Pagans sans New Agey crap, they are Pagans with New Agey crap.

Now, modern Verbena must often deal with frustrating gaps in the history and practices of their Tradition. Like the animals they love and the seasons they serve, the Verbena are a curious mix of caution and directness, compassion and brutality. The main “thing” about this division in the Verbena is that the Old Ways do not fit in modern civilization, and they are dwindling. We often battle, but just as often we stand together against those who would oppress us. Hells, even the Roman Verbena-types don’t really get a lot written about them by their own folks the whole blinded,maimed King of the Grove and Golden Bough thing Claire Magic is alive.


The book offers non-stop pretention, ridiculousness, and at times even offense. They were often forced to join secret societies and retreat into hiding from the same people who begged them for their cures. Evrbena take great pride in being able to trace their lineage, and the history of the Verbena, back hundreds of years and verrbena.

Werewolves tend to have an attitude that individual humans don’t really matter in the big picture. Primordial sorcerers, potent healers, skilled shapeshifters — the Verbena dive into cerbena, blood, and flesh without inhibition.

Paradigm Summary: Verbena

It is the ground beneath our feet and the ground from which Magick flows as well. While Verbena will usually pay at mmage lip service to all gods, some masks of divinity are more difficult for them to accept than others.

It’s shown on their corebook description, I believe, as well as in the subdivisions. It starts out being very small, but if it survives to adulthood, it becomes the mother of many trees and provides homes for animals and shade for people.

There is much to be learned in the new ways. Destiny – Destiny, Doom, Wyrd.